The ability to isolate and control sound is a key productivity advantage in environments as diverse as schools, offices, hotels and health care facilities. With Modernfold MOVEO® Classic, you can achieve sound insulation ratings of up to 50 STC, giving you the tools to turn down the volume in virtually any space you desire.


MOVEO® is easy to use with its electronically controlled ComforTronic® top and bottom seals, as well as an electronically controlled final closure. The design is so simple and intuitive to operate, anyone in a typical office environment can expand or contract work space in a matter of moments to meet changing needs.

MOVEO® Classic

  • Traditional solid panels with real wood veneer or high pressure laminate
  • Interfaces with MOVEO® Glass to provide a stylish break in a run of glass panels or to integrate a work surface
  • MOVEO® Classic panels are also integrated when a pass door is required for a MOVEO® Glass partition