Medium-Build, One-Component, Fast-Setting Mortar


Mapecem 102 is a one-component, shrinkage-compensated, polymer-modified, fast-setting cementitious mortar intended for the renovation and topping of interior/exterior horizontal concrete surfaces. It is used for renovation of horizontal concrete structures such as galleries, tunnels, bridges, overpasses, factory floors, warehouse floors and loading docks; new and existing concrete slabs; and the construction of floating or monolithic toppings where fast drying is required to allow traffic within 3 to 4 hours. Mapecem 102 achieves an impressive compressive strength of 3,000 psi (20,7 MPa) in 4 hours and 5,000 psi (34,5 MPa) in 24 hours. When properly used, Mapecem 102 has a residual moisture content of less than 2.5% within 24 hours. When mixed with water, Mapecem 102 produces a mortar that is easy to apply on horizontal surfaces, in thicknesses of 1/4" to 2" (6 mm to 5 cm) maximum per placement. For filling deeper spaces, add up to 20% by weight of 5/16" to 3/8" (8 to 10 mm) washed aggregate (saturated surface-dry) to Mapecem 102 . This product includes High-Hydrated Cement Technology (HCT™).