L&M Vivid Concrete Dye is formulated using extremely fine molecules of color designed to penetrate and color any cementitious surface. Vivid Concrete Dye was created for use with FGS PermaShine polished concrete floor system, but can be used as a base color or touch up for acid stained concrete or as a coloring agent itself. Always apply the dye in a sample area first in order to confirm desired color.

Basic Use:L&M Vivid Concrete Dye is packaged and shipped in dry powder form to be mixed with acetone by the contractor.

L&M Vivid Dye is currently being supplied in 24 standard colors. Custom colors are available. L&M Vivid Concrete Dye colors can be combined to create an unlimited number of color variations. When applied properly L&M Vivid Concrete Dye gives wonderful color to polished concrete floors. Anytime that L&M Vivid Concrete Dye is used in a process other than polished concrete PERMAGUARD SPS is required. It brightens the color and retards color loss overtime. FGS HARDENER PLUS or LiON HARD are to be used to lock in the color on the polished concrete. Follow with PERMAGUARD SPS to intensify the colors and minimizeUVfade.

Features and Benefits

  • Extensive selection of vibrant colors
  • Extremely easy to apply, Fast drying.
  • Perfect for FGS PermaShine Polished Concrete Floors.
  • Can be used in conjunction with acid stained floors as a base color or as touch up color.
  • Formulated to be applied to any cementitious surface.
  • Packaged in dry form for easy and safe shipping and storage.

Short Spec:

097650: Special flooring: Solvent borne dye. To be applied by trained installers. Observe all safety precautions. Limited warranty. Two coat application. “L&M Vivid Dye” by L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc. Omaha, NE. Color to be selected by Owner's representative.

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