Emeryplate FF is the industry's high strength dry shake for industrial concrete floors requiring additional abrasion resistance. It is the first emery aggregate dry shake surface hardener designed specifically for early application to concrete floors that must conform to a specific flatness designation as outlined in ACI-117 and ASTME-1155.

EMERYPLATE FF consists of 100% pure, scientifically graded polyhedral shaped isostructures of emery/corundum, aluminum oxide for hardness and iron oxide for toughness. These unique aggregates contain covalent bonds in their crystalline structure to produce the (Mohs) hardness approaching that of diamonds. Advanced material and production technology provided the ability to integrate up to 1.5 lbs/ft2 (7kg/m2) of EMERYPLATE FF soon after the screeding operation.EMERYPLATE FF has been engineered to allow earlier placement and finishing procedures formaximum floor flatness.

Basic Use: Use for industrial floors in key areas subject to heavy traffic, such as: warehouse and distribution centers, AGV aisles, high stack vehicular traffic routes, shipping and receiving areas, tractor and truck repair facilities; interior and exterior loading and unloading docks, where increased impact and abrasion protection are required.

Features and Benefits

  • Contains 100% natural, pure emery/corundum aggregates, containing a minimum of 58% aluminum oxide and 25%ferric oxide.
  • Ability to be broadcast or spread onto newly placed, highly plastic concrete slabs to achieve a flat or superflat floor.
  • Engineer-designed graded emery aggregate and proprietary ingredients allow EMERYPLATE FF to be finished more easily.
  • “Rust-free” service for use on interior or exterior floors.
  • EMERYPLATE FF outperforms the wear resistance of iron aggregate dry shakes.
  • Produces a denser surface to resist penetration by grease, oil, and contaminants to reduce maintenance costs.

Short Spec:

033000: Emery Aggregate Reinforced Concrete Floor. Class 5 and 6 floors. 100% natural emery aggregates, minimum 58% aluminum oxide and 24% ferric oxide. Ready-mixed with portland cement. Application 1.5 lbs/sq.ft. (7 kg/m2). Natural (or color selected by designer). “EMERYPLATE FF” by L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc.

November 27, 2012