E-Con is a concentrated, odorless, water-based polymer liquid that, when placed on fresh concrete, forms a thin, continuous monomolecular film that temporarily reduces rapid moisture loss from the concrete surface. E-CON reduces contractor field problems with exposed exterior concrete by minimizing surface crusting and plastic shrinkage cracks.

E-CON helps achieve superior quality flatwork. It minimizes early water evaporation and controls the surface condition of the slab to aid in meeting finishing schedules. It is effective in minimizing rapid drying conditions due to high temperatures, low humidity, high winds and direct sunlight.

Basic Use: E-CON forms a temporary, protective film on plastic concrete surfaces that prevents rapid moisture loss. The protective shield formed usually lasts as long as the concrete remains plastic, despite successive floating and troweling operations. No residue remains after the concrete hardens.

Use E-CON evaporation control to aid with standard concrete mixes, silica fume concrete, thin concrete resurfacing, and all cementitious shake on floor hardeners after placement.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces plastic shrinkage cracks.
  • Reduces evaporation rates up to 80% in wind and 40% in hot sunlight.
  • Minimizes surface crusting
  • Cement hydration is improved.
  • Improves durability by controlling evaporation.
  • Remains effective after screeding and first floating operation.
  • Non-residual.
  • Economically concentrated

Short Spec

033000: Evaporation control:Apply monomolecular film to fresh plastic concrete one or more times as needed, before and after finishing operation. (ACI 305R)

May 2, 2008